Welcome to Everglen Capital

We identify potential in niche businesses and special situations and partner with professional investors to generate attractive risk adjusted returns.


Everglen Capital Partners LLP is the UK-based execution arm for the international investment activities of its founders, Jonathan Jawno, Michael Mendelowitz and Roberto Rossi and their respective families.

Jonathan Jawno

Jonathan is co-founder and CEO of Transaction Capital. He is an experienced entrepreneur in the financial sector and has a track record of building, managing, and investing in financial firms. Jonathan is adept at ensuring efficient capital allocation, tackling complex problems and delivering executable solutions.

Michael Mendelowitz

Michael is a co-founder and Executive Director at Transaction Capital. He is passionate about driving initiatives with management, motivating people and ensuring they remain focused on strategic priorities.

Roberto Rossi

Rob is a co-founder and Non-Executive Director at Transaction Capital and has helped establish and run a number of businesses in the financial sector. He has been responsible for the execution of strategy for many years and has a long history of managing regulatory and legal risks.

What we do

Through partnering with talented owner managers and building enduring relationships with operating partners and best in class professional investors we aim to invest in scalable business platforms, special opportunities and funds offering superior risk adjusted returns. Whilst flexible in our outlook, we focus on sectors we understand well such as real estate and financial services.

Our values

Our core values guide our every action and decision. We are driven by a set of unwavering principles.

Commitment to Excellence

Our founders set themselves high standards and have similar expectations of others. Members of the team are encouraged to achieve excellent standards in everything that they do, from the simplest to most complex of tasks.

Collaborative Partnership

We believe that success is best achieved through collaboration. The enduring partnership between the founders which sits at the heart of our organization extends to our approach with counterparties and the management teams with whom we work. We foster collaborative relationships, working together to unlock potential and achieve outstanding results.

Transformational Growth

We embrace transparency and openness in our interactions with partners and counterparties.  We firmly believe that constructive and candid communication is conducive to achieving mutual success.